Stop.Listen.Connect. Can “sound” be the new black for IOT?

During the Business on Sports Summit (BOSS) a few months ago, I talked about how sound and audio is a major disruptor in the sports and entertainment venues. Due to the look on some of the attendees’ faces, I thought I would Share a specific detail below–enjoy!


The Internet of Things is a concept that is exciting to see unfold.

From Amazon Echo to smart coffee makers, our daily lives are becoming more connected, and the Internet is the reason behind it. One company that is taking this concept a step further is the company LISNR, which uses technology to send data over audio without the use of either a WiFI connection or a Bluetooth.

I think that LISNR is capturing a new market that has yet to really be explored for all of its great possibilities. Rather than WiFi or Bluetooth, sound is the medium that LISNR uses to connect devices to the Internet. LISNR is just one of the cutting-edge new technologies that I would like to highlight today.

First, let’s start with the technology itself, the Smart Tone ™. I think that it’s brilliant that the way LISNR connects to data is through sound, but more specifically a high frequency sound that is inaudible. So, hardware isn’t needed, just a tone that allows an audio device to connect to the Internet.

“LISNR is expanding the IoT ecosystem using the power of sound — improving the efficiency and performance of any device when compared to Bluetooth or WiFI. We are a low cost, low energy, seamless software solution that leverages the speakers and microphones that currently exist in most devices,” says Deja Amato, Product Marketing Manager of LISNR.

And name brands have noticed. Brands such as AT&T, Heineken, and Budweiser are a few of more than 100 name brands that see the benefit of this LISNR’s Internet of Things technology. What’s more, LISNR, while it does have a sort of “cool factor,” is really about function.

Imagine a device with audio—a speaker, a television, or even a PA system at a stadium. LISNR can be used to share important information to people through sound. One of my favorite use cases is the Ticketmaster partnership of experimenting with audio-based ticketing.

And for brands, LISNR allows for proximity-based marketing. People desire to be connected to brands, and believe in the products that they are investing in. The Smart Tone ™ technology gives this option to brands, so that clients and prospective clients can receive information from an item that they already share a connection with, audio devices.

LISNR was founded in 2012 by brand management professional Rodney Williams, who worked at Procter & Gamble before starting LISNR. He was inspired to start his company after seeing the difficulty that brands had with reaching customers. So, he developed the Smart Tones technology as a way to tap into this need. And it has been an upward climb over the last five years, where the company has been featured on the cable news station CNBC and also TechCrunch.

LISNR is a company whose Internet of Things technology has the power to positively impact the way that companies connect with their customers, which is a win-win for everyone. “Sound technology has always been a huge part of our daily lives. LISNR has only evolved the existing capabilities of audio and brought them back to the forefront,” says Deja Amato of LISNR.



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